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Bloodhound for Hire

OK we get it sometimes you are looking for that special one that The Market just does not have sitting hidden away in our facilities that will fulfill your desire. That's when we call in the hounds and they go on the hunt for you. I assure you they are good at what they do. The have to be cause we don't feed the hounds unless they do their job. The Bloodhound system works very simply. You fill out the report and give them a little deposit and they go hunting. We currently have 5 hounds in the pens in several different countries. These are good loyal dogs that are highly skilled at tracking your prey.


From GTR's to Supra's and more
Looking for the perfect right hand drive JDM auto to add to your collection or make a daily driver? We import legal JDM cars like R-32, R-33, Supra, and more. Many of our cars come from our neighbours to the north, where theses cars have been legal for 10 years. Each car is inspected and repaired before being brought to our show room in Las Vegas. If you are interested in viewing our current inventory or requesting a special make and model please contact us today!


Looking to finance your new car? Ask us about US companies that will finance these unique vehicles. We also accept cash and bank drafts as payments.


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