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Where did Black Market Imports start? If you are interested in the long story read below… the short version is this:

Imagine 3 of the most obsessed Skyline brains have a chance meeting in the remote areas of Northern Alberta- Canada. One is a hobbyist enthusiast willing to try anything JDM performance, one is a International Stunt Riding superstar and the other is a virtuoso of all things cars, super cars, JDM and more. Each one has unique skills and talents but what brought them together was a love of GTR’s. And from that a need to bring them into the US once legal and let the drivers in the US experience the uniqueness that is the RHS JDM culture.

Remember 20+ years ago, owning a Skyline in North America was a dream, this was pre Fast and Furious as well so it really was not well known. But in New Zealand and Australia – Skylines and GTRs were a normal thing to see on the roads. Owning a GTS-T R32 for a couple years and touring all over New Zealand cemented the idea to bring one to Canada 20 years ago (where the classic car rule is only 15 years). Luckily the perfect one popped up in country, this beautiful Twin Turbo GTR

One thing you learn about these cars is that they are not very forgiving, and you have to really be prepared to learn alot. This car was a learning experience and once new turbos were in place, the 4 Wheel Steering removed the car hit the dyno at over 500 hp and 500 ftlbs. On the track it beat up on Corvettes, Vipers and pro race cars in the low 12 seconds- and gaining the respect of car owners (who are we kidding we mean the old guys that look down on the young whippersnappers).

Two of our partners met at a Car Gathering (known as the A&W Cruise Night) and started working on cars together- including building a monster track car based on the Skyline that was the embodiment of every Nismo dream.

Now enter partner #3, and American in town for a stunt show… and luckily expressed an interest in all things Skyline but had yet to experience one in the wild. After taking a joy ride the future was set and over the years many conversations we had about importing one just for his use, and morphed into importing them officially for resale.

The reason we tell you all of this is you need to know that the culture and love for these vehicles runs deep, very deep. We are not just flipping cars, they are chosen, inspected and updated as if they were staying in the family. We want your experience to be as great as the ones we have had owning and driving our cars.

There is no doubt we see these as cars you can drive anywhere… in fact that blue GTR- put on over 10,000Km in one summer touring all over Western Canada and the United States. You can create a car show queen if that is your goal… but our goal is to give you the ride of the your life. Literally and figuratively.

As with any car culture there can be negative associated with owning cars like these. They are powerful almost to much so out of the gate…. even for someone not into cars its hard not to drive a little to fast or take corners a but to tight. We hope that you respect the cars, the laws and your life. And most of all have fun.. and every time you walk out to your car you can’t help but be impressed that its yours.

Want to know more about the people behind the BMI family? Reach out, we will be happy to connect.


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