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1990 Nissan VEX GTR

I love this car so much I had the pleasure of transporting it Vegas when it cleared customs and WOW what a joy to drive. This car is so well sorted out.
65,000 MI

1990 R32 GTR Perfect Daily driver.

One of our favorite GTR is back for another round. The original buyer was looking to do a bunch of body mods and came in to see Nick for some advice and spotted our Veilside GTR and just had to have it. So he traded up.
59,660 MI

1991 Pajero On sale!

Solid little 2 door. So mush fun I almost want to keep it for myself. Comes with loads of service history.
118,000 MI

1990 Nissan GTR Veilside ( Sold 06.17)

Here is a little Gem we tracked finally tracked down after years of searching. Back in the mid 2008 a Veilside GTR was imported into Canada buy a dealer in Winnipeg. The car was MINT factory paint all the service records and paperwork from Veilside. The car sold in 2008 to a buyer in Calgary Alberta.
36,000 MI

1990 GTR - SOLD 04.17

Beautiful stock R32 GTR, well maintained, tight and road ready
56,000 MI

1991 GTST Built 2.5 swap (SOLD 02.16)

Being a GTR guy. I never really understood what a GTST was good for. Well after getting to drive this one I get it now. SO MUCH FUN!
0 MI

1989 GTST (Sold 07.16)

115,000 MI


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